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Works Cited list: Oxford Classical Dictionary. When citing an entire collection or anthology, focus on the editor s rather than the authors, but follow the same format as usual.

Political Animals and Animal Order of authors in research paper. Palgrave Macmillan UK, In text: In recent years, the debate surrounding animal ethics and the relationship with politics has increased in prominence Wissenburg and Schlosberg Note, however, that it is more common to cite a specific chapter or work in a collection instead of the whole book. If you wish to focus your citation on an introduction, preface, foreword or afterword in a source, list the author of this section first, followed by the name of the section you are citing.

The author of the work goes between the source title and the publisher name. Works Cited list: Lima, Daniel. In text: There are specific challenges for technology startups to overcome Lima. You may encounter sources created by corporate authors, such as institutions, government agencies and other kinds of organizations. In this case, follow the same convention as for one author but use the name of the organization in place of the author name.

Works Cited list: U. Global Change Research Program. Melville House Global Change Research Program ch. In this example, the publisher is separate from the organization. Sometimes, an organization is both the author and the publisher. In this situation:. If you are citing a publication from a government agency, start with the name of the government and follow with the name of the agency. Always arrange the entities from largest to smallest. In MLA, omit titles, affiliations and degrees that follow or precede the names of source authors.

If a source author has a name with an essential suffix, such as Jr. For example, Rockefeller, John D. If a source author has a hyphen in their name, keep the hyphen exactly as it appears in the authoritative section of the work. When writing in MLA, it is acceptable to use pseudonyms and simplified names of famous authors.

Commonly accepted pseudonyms and simplified names include:. Names from languages outside the Latin alphabet, such as Chinese or Russian, may vary in spelling. When more than one related manuscript has been published or is under consideration for publication by this or other Journal s, authors are required to declare this in their letter and to enclose copies of the relevant publications for editorial review. Failure to do so may lead to an automatic rejection of the submitted manuscript.

The corresponding author should certify that all listed authors participated meaningfully in the study and that they have seen and approved the final manuscript.

The manuscript must be double-spaced research paper order of authors 3 cm margins on A4 sized paper. Please number the pages consecutively, beginning from the title page. A running title should be added if the title exceeds 12 words. Provide a short descriptive statement regarding the contributions of each co-author e. Nonstandard abbreviations, references, or footnotes should not be used.

A maximum of five key words should appear below the abstract, using MeSH terms. Main text 1 Original articles All clinical research papers that involve human or animal subjects must be accompanied by evidence of an Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee Review.

The maximum word count is 3, words. References should be critical and relevant to the manuscript, figure legends, tables, and illustrations. The introduction should not contain either results or conclusions. Include the name and location city, state, country of any manufacturer mentioned in the text. Outline any statistical methods used.

Either describe the ethical guidelines used for human or animal study or provide evidence of the approval granted by an institutional human research review committee or animal welfare committee. Describe in detail any hazardous procedures or chemicals used, and the precautions observed. Avoid presenting the same data in different forms, for example through tables or illustrations not include aspects of the discussion in the results section.

This explanation may include an evaluation of the methodology and of the relationship of new information to the existing corpus of knowledge in that field. Data presented in the results section should not be reiterated here.

The my school essay in marathi word count is 1, words. A brief communication should be organized in the same way as a case report, and should be limited to 1, words.

The total number of tables and figures should not exceed two. Submissions will be reviewed by the Imaging and Issues Coordinating Editors. The format should include a title page, case description, discussion, references, and images.

Research paper order of authors

The case description should be no longer than one page, and should include the following: a brief history, findings during the physical exam, laboratory results, the clinical course, and the outcome. The case images and all of the labels within the images must be described.

The discussion and references should be no longer than one page. The discussion should include important features of the images, the differential diagnosis, and the clinical significance. No more than five references should be included. References must include definitive studies and pertinent reviews.

No more than two high quality figures will be accepted. Both types of manuscript will be peer reviewed prior to consideration for publication. An abstract must be included. Editorials are usually solicited by the Editor. Editorials should have fewer than five authors and should not exceed 1, words. A maximum of 10 references may be included.

Authorship and Contributorship - What is a Corresponding Author? - Charlesworth Author Services

Conflicts of interest Any potential conflict of interest relevant to the article must be described. Line drawings may be redrawn. Boxes can be used to separate detailed explanations and background information from the main part of the text. Articles are commissioned by the Reviews Editor and undergo peer review by experts in the field.

If you would like to submit a review please email the editorial office with a brief outline 0. These articles are to communicate new models, new ideas and new lines of thought. Whilst supporting data is encouraged, exciting new models or ideas may be welcomed without new data. They are also not mini-reviews. These articles must advance the field.

Format: Length - words excluding abstract and referencesno sections or subheadings. Abstract - A short two sentence summary, maximum 50 words.

References - A maximum of Supplementary data too large for print publication or exceeding the bounds of the manuscript may be submitted for online publication. Supplementary information will be reviewed as part of the manuscript, evaluated for its importance and relevance and, if accepted, will be referenced in the text of the article, directing readers to the website.

There is a charge for publication of supplementary data. Should authors not wish to publish their supplementary data, they must notify the editorial office prior to acceptance. For research involving human samples or patients, include a statement that investigations have been approved by the local ethical committee. Authors must ensure research involving human subjects complies with the Declaration of Helsinki and, in particular, include a statement in the manuscript itself that the subjects have given their informed, written consent when required.

Experiments with animals must be performed in accordance with international, national and institutional requirements. Include a statement that investigations have been approved by the local ethical committee, along with the following:. Articles will only be considered if the procedures used are clearly described and conformed with the international and national legal and ethical requirements, as well as the requirements outlined by the institution in which the work took place.

A statement identifying the committee approving the study must also be included in the Methods section. Authors are encouraged to refer to the ARRIVE guidelinesand in particular the checklist within them, when preparing argument essays detailing animal experiments. Editors reserve the right to request further information on the exact procedures and ethical approval obtained as part of the review process.

Papers may be rejected on ethical grounds should the editors feel the study does not adequately meet current international guidelines for humane research. No specific feature within an image may be enhanced, obscured, moved, removed or introduced. The groupings of images from different parts of the same gel, or from different gels, fields or exposures must be made explicit by the arrangement of the figure eg using dividing lines and in the text of the figure legend.

Adjustments of brightness, contrast or colour balance are acceptable if and as long as they do not obscure or eliminate any information present in the original.

Nonlinear adjustments eg changes to gamma settings must be disclosed in the figure legend. Adjustments should be applied to the entire image. Threshold manipulation, expansion or contraction of signal ranges and the order of authors in a research paper of high signals should be avoided.

No absolute rules can be applied but, in general, quantitative data should be from no fewer than three replicate experiments. Appropriate statistical methods should be used to test the significance of differences in results. Accordingly, the multiple t-test, multiple range test or similar techniques to permit simultaneous comparisons should be employed.

Also, in lieu of using several t-tests, it is often more appropriate to utilize an analysis of variance ANOVA order of authors in research paper permit pooling of data, increase the number of degrees of freedom, and improve reliability of results.

Authors should use appropriate nonparametric tests when the data depart substantially from a normal distribution. Bar charts are discouraged; scatter plots more faithfully describe the data being presented.

When data points are fitted with lines, specify the method used for fitting graphical, least squares, computer program.

Give sufficient details of the experimental design and analysis so that the reader can assess their adequacy and validity for testing the hypotheses of interest. A preprint is a version of the article prior to submission to the journal for peer review, facilities to write my term paper for me has not been copyedited or typeset.

Authorship, and the role of the ‘corresponding author’

Bioscientifica allows deposition of preprints to recognized repositories, such as bioRxiv, provided that Bioscientifica is informed of this at the time of submission and it does not infringe any subsequent copyright or licence agreement.

Upon final publication, authors are required to add a link from the preprint to the published article version of record. Authors should include the relevant database identifiers and accession numbers for deposited sequences within the manuscript using the following format: Database: xxxx, eg: GEO: GSEWe are the most reputable and trustworthy research paper writing service available online featuring various advantages and benefits for our every customer. Our Essay Writers. Our essays writers are supported by our administration group who are there to help you at whatever point you require.

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Order of authors in research paper

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Order of authors in a research paper

This content belongs to the Conducting Research Stage Conducting research is the first and most exciting step in a researcher's journey. No Yes. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway - F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway research paper delves into not only the comparison of these two authors but two pieces of work specifically done by each author which includes Snows of Kilimanjaro and Babylon Revisited.

Order of authors changing between a submitted manuscript and a published paper

Francis Brooke - Frances Brooke Research Paper examines this authors works, and her contribution to literature. Franz Kafka - Frank Kafka research paper looks at one of the major authors of the twentieth century during the later modernism period, and his story Metamorphosis. Gustave Flaubert - Gustave Flaubert essays analyze the French novelist best remembered for his debut novel Madame Bovary.

Harper Lee and Death - Harper Lee and Death research papers examine the near-reclusive figure and discuss the rumors of her death. Hemingway on War - Hemingway on War research papers discuss how war profoundly shaped the writings of Ernest Hemingway.

Herman Melville - Herman Melville term papers look into the author of one of the most famous books in the American canon, Moby-Dick. Wells - H.



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